Home Schooling the United States has no specific Federal Law. As per the 10th United States Constitution Amendment, it makes clear the government has high regards for education and therefore all matters are bestowed in the hands of the states. US Constitution makes it pretty clear that the government shall neither interfere nor control with education, private or public. This, as a matter of fact is untrue.

So if this is true then certainly home schooling as per Federal Law is legal, that is because there exist no rule to suggest otherwise. Some of United States most famous Presidents came from home schools for instance - Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, all emerged from home schools. Why all the fuss if it's legal? As per Federal Level the whole matter is legal.

But as soon as the matter reaches to state level, it is a complete chaos, that because of poor understanding by local officials of public schools of the basis laws. Most of then are completely ignorant when it comes down to understanding the meaning of these laws. And to a certain extent the officials are not at fault, there exists no uniform laws and laws vary across different states. What is prevalent in New York may not be the same as in California.

Of all the states l pertaining to home schools in California could be termed the most complex. North Carolina has more leniencies but then too some regulations can baffle people. Till federal laws are not put in place this situation is expected to continue, the matter worsens as home schoolers are against any Federal bindings.

If home schooling is your way then what's the way to follow Federal Law! Do not scratch your heads; Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has all the answers for your requirements. They keep a complete eye on new bills that are introduced and also fresh laws of senate and the house, this helps home schoolers keep a track of new developments. The US Constitution clearly says that Federal government have no rights to create new laws & rules to attempt to control public or private education but this far from reality.

The No Child Left Behind Act is a prime example. This act surely gives a controlling like feel public & private schools. There are more examples wherein laws have been made to control education itself. HSDLA is basically a regulator assigned the imperative task of viewing the legislation in at federal government level and of each state while it also takes up the work of giving families of home school legal assistance when they get stuck in legal tangles.

Home schools; can they stay far from the reaches of legal hassles? Do there exists any laws protecting home schools? ? The tenth US Constitution Amendment is the rescue path. But if you require professional guidance it is best advised to consult a lawyer who has in depth knowledge of the legal issues that govern local and federal home school laws.

The matter be dependent on the legal wrangle of your issue, violation of First Amendment rights might take place. What you can do best would be to approach a HSLDA person, if they would be willing to help you out or would they be in a position to find you an appropriate attorney.

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