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September, 2007 ~

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Homeschooling in California
The One Republic, CA (March 3, 2008)
First, California law doesn’t make it easy to homeschool. There are four ways to accomplish this: qualifying your home as a private school, ... ...

Popularity of homeschooling rises nationwide
Christian Examiner (August 26, 2007)
National Home Education Research Institute, estimates there were 1.9 to 2.4 million primary- and secondary-age children being schooled at home in 2005-06...

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Welcome to new and veteran homeschoolers. May you find encouragement, companionship, inspiration, and maybe even a little wisdom here. Please share your experiences with us.

Articles and Projects - In the Portal, you will find information on the Homeschooling Community (and its Wiki), how to homeschool, how to build up support networks, and even discussion on some of the special challenges associated with homeschooling.

Featured Article (September 2007) - One our our contributors recently created a "Category" template. If you create any "subject" related article (e.g. Biology) just put the words "Category:Subjects" surrounded by double boxes somewhere in the article. It will automatically add that article to the "Teaching Subjects" page.

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